Ангелово (Россия)

мне нравиться многие открытки, но особенно следующие:

Природа: горы,моря,озера
Старые дома (не страшилки)
Еда (шоколад, чай, кофе, специ)
Мультики(не анимэ/Disney)
синие коты, котовасия

Открытки люблю написанные и в конвертe с художеественными марками, потому что я собираю марки.

Im 34 years old, married and have two sons.
I like languages, travelling (I love Russia and Brazil :)), collecting stamps, knitting and reading (Im also into Bookcrossing).
It would make me happy, if you would write something about your country and culture.
Im fond of postcards showing castles, aurora borealis, beautiful landscapes, your city or your country, mapcards and cards from postallove. I also like moomin cards and other children illustration cards. But of course every card is welcome :)
For russian users: I love your beautiful buildings (palaces, churches, monastyrs, kreml), but I also would love to get postcards with russian nature (Kavkaz, Baikal, Altaj, Kamtchatka).
Since I collect stamps I prefer to get written postcards in an envelope, if it is not more expensive for you :) Thank you.